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RISE - SHOW 2023

Show Photos

Show photos are ready to view and buy at

A variety of sizes and products are available to order directly from the web-site gallery using the BUY button. These will accrue a postage charge.

Prices for these start from £6.50 for a 6 x 4” print.

For the most economical way to buy I am offering the following special SHOW DAY BUNDLES:



These special show day bundle prices are the cheapest yet!

ONLY AVAILABLE ON SHOW DAY PHOTOS - Limited-time special ends 17th March2022 -

Purchases of Individual digital images will remain after this date.

From the digital files, you will be able to get as many prints even canvas prints produced.

Individual Photo file - Purchased via the BUY button £15.00

3 Pack of Digital files - £30 - (£10 each. Contact me for instructions).

8 Pack of Digital files - £45 - (£4.50 each. Contact me for instructions).

20 Pack of Digital files - £60 Equivalent to £3 per Photo!!


8 x 6 mounted prints £10 each or 3 for £25

These will be posted FREE to the Dance school for collection if ordered by 17th March alternatively there will be a charge of £2.75 for direct postage.

Please use the same method for bulk digital orders and email me your order by the DEADLINE

Please request a price for any other pack sizes - Email me at or message on 07766 307595

For Bundle packs ONLY the easiest way is to add the selected photos as though you were going to purchase through the on-line gallery with the BUY button. When you have them altogether simply screen grab or photograph and send me the details back via email. I then put the selected Digital photos onto your own password protected gallery folder where you simply download them when you're ready. It has worked out the cheapest way to do bundles packs by-passing expensive gallery fees! Let me know which payment option and I will send the relevant info. You can pay me by Bank transfer.

Let's talk about learning to dance

Call us now on: 0115 9816 738