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Class Information

New Payment terms and information from 16th April 2018

From April 16th 2018 payment for classes at S.T.S.D. will be due at the start of each half term (term dates below)

* Fees will be payable in advance for each half term and are not refundable once paid.

* A £5.00 admin charge is made if fees due are not settled by the deadline date of each half term, which will be clearly shown on our website.

* Payment preferred method is by online bank transfer (with pupil's name as reference).

Please send us an email and we will provide bank details. 

If paying by cash or cheque, please enclose in sealed envelope with pupil's name and date to avoid confusion.

From September 2018, once the new half termly system is established, each pupil will be invoiced.

* New pupils, or pupils trying new classes, can make single class payments for the first half term, and will then start payment in advance at the start of the next half term.

* If siblings attend 7 or more classes between them, the cheapest class will be free of charge.

* For pupils attending 6 or more classes, the cheapest class is free of charge, and they are welcome to take any other classes relevant to their level of ability, free of charge.


Fees for the lower grades have remained unchanged for several years. The increase from April is structured to match the grading level of syllabus subjects.

Where advanced class fees have been changed more recently, there will be no increase, and there will be no change to recently introduced classes e.g. Contemporary.


Preparatory, Primary, Grade 1: £4.50

Grades 2 and 3: £4.80

Grades 4 and 5: £5.30

Majors (more intensive levels following grades)

Intermediate: £5.75

Advanced 1: £6.50

Non syllabus classes

Funky Freestyle: £4.50

Junior Jazz: £4.50

Contemporary: £5.00

Commercial Jazz (Mon): £5.00

Lyrical (Sat): £5.50

Commercial Jazz (Sat): £5.50

Both the last two classes taken together £10.00


About our classes

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