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Class Information

Class fees Sept 2023 half term


Preparatory grade: : £38.50 single class £5.50

Primary grade: £38.50 single class £5.50

Grade 1: £38.50 single class £5.50

Grade 2: £40.25 single class £5.75

Grade 3: £45.50 single class £6.50

Grade 4: £45.50 single class £6.50

Grade 5: £45.50 single class £6.50

Intermediate Tap: £47.25 single class £6.75

Intermediate Ballet: £47.25 single class £6.75

Advanced 1 Ballet: £49.00 single class £7.00


Funky Freestyle: £38.50 single class £5.50

Junior Jazz: £38.50 single class £5.50

Junior Musical Theatre: £38.50 single class £5.50

Mid- level Commercial Jazz Fri: £45.50 single class £6.50

Advanced Commercial Jazz: £45.50 single class £6.50

Advanced Lyrical: £45.50 single class £6.50

Lyrical 1 and 2 (Thurs) £45.50 single class £6.50

Contemporary: group 1 £26 group 2 £19.50


Adult Ballet Thurs: £45.50

Adult Ballet Fri (extended time) £49.00 single class £7.00

Adult Tap Basics (If numbers viable) £45.50 single class £6.50

Adult Tap Fri £45.50 single class £6.50

Adult Tap Wed COTGRAVE £45.50 single class £6.50


Class fees are payable UPFRONT in full, at the beginning of each half term, and are non refundable unless in exceptional circumstances.

Payment ONLINE is preferred, please note cheques are no longer accepted.

Please contact us via email for bank payment details.

Reference: Pupil name and class(es) eg ‘Bt’ (Ballet) ‘T’ (Tap) etc.

New starters to any subject or class can pay-as-you-go for each class taken for the first half term, whilst trying classes. Payment must be made at the time of each class . After that ‘’trial’ period, fees will be due half termly, as above.

If half termly fees are not paid in the FIRST 2 WEEKS of any half term, an invoice will be sent out requesting payment.

Please do NOT make payment at the END of the half term or for different amounts to those required.

Rents and overheads are substantial for the dance school so we kindly ask for your consideration in this.

The SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2023 half term is 7 weeks for most classes (Thursday Contemporary being an exception). Please see payment chart for all classes.

If you or your child takes multiple classes and you have difficulty paying the full amount for the total of classes in the first 2 weeks, please contact the dance school via email to arrange payment in 2 amounts, half the amount in Sept, half in Oct, if this is helpful.

Many thanks.

Revised IDTA Ballet Examination Wear from May 2021

Preparatory & Primary


Leotard with flared skirt, ballet shoes and elastics or ribbons.

Grades 1-5 – leotard and tights.

Unblocked ballet shoes with elastic or ribbons.

Candidates under 12 years may wear ballet socks.

Grade 1-5 skirt optional


Tights or shorts and vest/leotard or all-in one, socks and ballet shoes with elastics.


Socks/tights and shoes may be appropriate to the candidate’s skin tone.

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